Loto Community Outreach -Once was Blind Now I Speak

Making Jesus Visible

 Loto is a sought-afterinternational speaker with a unique gift of using powerful stories and illustrations to impact, inspire, and empower.

 Fusing his own powerful story of becoming blind due to a shotgun blast with leadership expertise he delivers engaging and effective presentations for conferences, schools, churches, retreats, workshops, panels, interviews, camps, and seminars that are met with heart-stirring reviews, that can be easily adapted to fit your audience and venues.

Founder of Loto Ministries

Loto is an experienced leadership communicator and has worked with every type of student for over 20 years launching them beyond the barriers of untapped potential into the soaring heights of serving others.


 “I have had many guest speakers address my students over the last few years, but never have we had the privilege of having one as motivating, honest, or inspiring as Loto Lealaimatafao.”(Evette Vasquez, Women’s Alliance Teacher)

“His passion was transparent,and his message was crystal clear.  My students were engaged and eager to listen.  You could literally hear a pin drop in the classroom.”(Mr. McCovey


 The Fast Lane 

 Where no one rides for free 

Leverages Loto’s powerful story of becoming blind to illustrate the 2 onramps to the fast lane, its 5 consequences, and the 3 offramps to get back on track.

Your Story 

We all have a story. Filled with chapters of triumph and trials. The pen that will write your next chapter belongs to you. Stop wasting your permanent ink on the temporary. Dealing with the real struggles of self-worth, overcoming the myths of shame, and daring to reach unimaginable peaks. Inspired by the Women Alliance of Fresno Unified. 


For more information or to book Loto please contact us at:

For more information or to book Loto please contact us at: 

Phone: 559-697-5686 Email: office@lotoministries.com Website: lotoministries.com 

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