Pastors Corner

Making Jesus Visible

Thank you Pastors for allowing LM the humbling honor of assisting you in fulfilling the great vision God has given you for your community. The following are some tools we hope will help in preparing for the big day.


At 16 Loto found himself staring down the barrel of a sawed-off shotgun. He was blasted and woke up in the hospital blind. It should’ve been the shotgun blast that ended everything. Instead, it became the flame that is setting the whole world on fire. Loto is the first to tell everyone to not feel sorry for him. “God only let the devil close the eyes on my face just to open the eyes of my heart,” is how this international evangelist describes this life-changing event.

On a beautiful  August day in 1998 Loto married the love of his life Maria. They are parents of 5 incredible kids fondly known as #TheFab5. Loto and Maria lead teams around the world on short term missions and spend their lives on opening the eyes of those who can see better than loto but are still looking. Whether in school assemblies, business or government meetings, youth conferences, correction facilities, on national TV, or just the streets no one  encounters Loto and sees life the same ever again.

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