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Breakfast or Breakthrough.

 Just a few more chewables for your fasting today. First, if you haven’t already go to Cornerstone Fresno YouTube and follow Pastor’s devotionals for the 21 days. Now, my prayer[…]

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You Cannot Out Train Your Eating.

There’s a saying amongst physical trainers. You cannot out train your diet. Training for an hour to lose 500 calories is wasted when you spend 30 minutes consuming 2000 calories.[…]

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 As we approach what I believe will be the most powerful year of kingdom wide fasting yet, I’d like to offer some things to chew on before, during, and after[…]

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About us

Our Philosophy and Our Vision

Loto Ministries Inc. exists to make Jesus visible to everyone everywhere!

We do this by:
Showing The Way to the lost,
The Truth to a deceived generation,
and The Life to this dying world.

We present opportunities to at risk youth and families to discover and fulfill their God given purpose. We create ministries to promote an atmosphere for spiritual, physical, and mental excellence. Developing partnerships to provide Christ-centered assistance for healthy communities, as well as securing facilities, equipment, and training to accommodate and achieve these objectives.



Show me who you’re walking with and I’ll tell you where you’ll end up.

The streets taught me how to be down. Jesus taught me how to get up. – Loto

When you dance with sin, nobody dances for free.

The piper doesn’t play for fun he plays for keeps. – Loto

Loto Ministries Sponsors

Thank you to all our sponsors and parnters that help the furtherment of the LM vision.