Breakfast or Breakthrough.

Making Jesus Visible

Breakfast or Breakthrough.

 Just a few more chewables for your fasting today. First, if you haven’t already go to Cornerstone Fresno YouTube and follow Pastor’s devotionals for the 21 days. Now, my prayer today is for breakthrough.

Breaking Ties.

There are habits and strongholds in our lives that can bring us to a place of hopelessness. Deceiving us to think things will never change. Some ties require scissors to cut through. Other ties require bolt cutters to get through. You can breakthrough most grounds with a shovel. Other grounds require a jack hammer. Fasting is a spiritual jack hammer. The prayer shovel can chip through the concrete box that is holding you back from experiencing the fullness of God in your life, if you don’t mind your arm falling off. Time is also not waiting for you.

Beyond You.

The bible is clear about the struggles we face not being exclusive to us. Breakthrough in our lives impact other’s as well. Watching others breakthrough stirs up hope for our own breakthrough. Also, breaking through the line or gate gives an opening for those behind you to escape their bondage as well. It’s like a prison breakout.

Where Do You Need Breakthrough?

 During this time of fast include asking God to turn the search light on the areas in your life that have become hardened concrete. Shackles you’ve somehow turned into decorative bracelets. Beloved, they are still shackles.

My Pastor.

Again, follow Pastor for a more in depth look into fasting. Click the following and subscribe. You have to watch todays powerful word. So good.

You can also, text 21DAYS to 559 238-0507 to have a link sent to your phone.