Making Jesus Visible


 As we approach what I believe will be the most powerful year of kingdom wide fasting yet, I’d like to offer some things to chew on before, during, and after to chew on. First, the most difficult part of the fasting. The decision.

To Fast Or Not to Fast.

 Make your mind up now whether you will fast or not. Before the plate shows up. Making the decision the night before your fasting is a lot easier than deciding while you’re smelling or even staring at breakfast.

Never Fast Without God’s Direction.

 I always dreaded fasting. Every time the word would come up I immediately saw myself sucked up in a dry weary land, almost starved to death, and breaking my fast right before I took my final breath. Because that was my idea of sacrifice. Okay, any thought of prolonging meals for me is dreadful. You could imagine my shock when I could hear clearly God instructing me to fast for 30 minutes. I thought it was the devil. There was no way. Only 30 minutes?

 Long story short, I got this epiphany about the need I was fasting for. After the 30 minutes I made a phone call feeling really embarrassed that I didn’t think of this before. See, I needed a bible in braille and the last time I checked it would have cost me over $2000 at that time. After this phone call I got a whole brand spanking new set of the whole bible in braille, for free. With free shipping.

 I can tell you countless instructions from God about fasting: how much time, items to fast, and the wild results.  The point of fasting is not how much, what you fast, or even how long. It is about obedience. Even more, I believe fasting is a great Q-Tip for your spiritual ears. So many things I thought I needed but in fasting, God redirected me to a much better situation. Again, obedience.

Let’s Pray It In.

Every fasting should begin with prayer. Ask God about fasting these next 21 days, Beloved. And make your mind up now before you sit in front of a struggle meal. Isaiah 58 is a great kick starter.