You Cannot Out Train Your Eating.

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You Cannot Out Train Your Eating.

There’s a saying amongst physical trainers. You cannot out train your diet. Training for an hour to lose 500 calories is wasted when you spend 30 minutes consuming 2000 calories. However, it’s not portion but what the portions contain. 2 heaping scoops of oatmeal is a lot different than 2 scoops of ice cream. Especially spiritually.

You cannot out fast your habit. In this case you need the right intake. Fasting without the word of God is just dieting. No demon will flinch or mountain budge regardless of how much you starve yourself. You need the word of God. The whole point of fasting is spiritual enhancement. Neglecting the word while fasting only leads to spiritual decay.

Time to Feast.

Fasting is the time your spirit gets to feast. The only thing your spirit can feast on is the word of God. You already decided to fast. Now plan. Plan out your reading regiment. When, where, how much, etc. Do that now. This world isn’t going to give you the time. You have to take it.

No Meal Replacements.

Eating 3 meals a day is recommended with healthy snacks. Apply this spiritually and get a good intake or bible reading 3 times a day and snack on devotions, sermons, fellowship, worship throughout the day. I usually recommend to start small but you are fasting. You need God’s word to sustain you. It is very important that you understand things like sermons, devotions, fellowship are only supplemental. God’s kingdom does not do meal replacement. Nothing can replace your own personal time with Jesus. In prayer and in His word. Eat up and eat good. Psalm 1 is a great starter dish.

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