Loto Ministries – Once was Blind But Now I Speak

Making Jesus Visible

 Loto is an anointed international evangelist committed to fulfilling a bold 3-fold mission. Bringing the Way to the lost, the Truth to a deceived generation, and the Life to this dying world.

Fusing his powerful testimony of meeting God through blindness by a shotgun blast along with an anointed gift of preaching Loto delivers eye-opening messages of salvation and the hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ for churches, conferences, retreats, camps, meetings, workshops, panels, interviews, and seminarsthat have been met with life-changing praise reports. 

Founder of Loto Ministries

God uses him to give sight to those who see better than the blind evangelist, from cornerstone Fresno, yet are still looking. Permeating meetings with a fresh synergy of the Holy Ghost and bringing thousands to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


“He has become a great voice to this generation, for both the young and the mature. I have experienced his ministry first hand and have seen many come to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.” (Pastor John Liulamaga, Good Samaritan Worship Center San Diego)

“Evangelist Loto is a true fisherman. He has witnessed to many, taught many, and been a leader to not just the youth but the parents. “(Dr. Ebony HaileyProgram Specialist, Madera USD)


Time to Come Home 

The powerful testimony that has impacted thousands around the world of how Loto met Jesus Christ through a shotgun blast to the face. Waking up in the hospital blind but seeing clearly for the first time. “God only let the devil close the eyes on my face just to open up the eyes of my heart.” 

God Is Good! Right Now, Right Now. 

Now faith, is. Not was, not will be, but faith is. Finding strength in the substance of our relationship with Christ and the evidence of all He’s already done to declare that God is good right now right now! Not way back when or hopefully later. Producing hope, faith, and the love that can conquer something even as devastating as blindness. 


For more information or to book Loto please contact us at:

For more information or to book Loto please contact us at: 

Phone: 559-697-5686 Email: office@lotoministries.com Website: lotoministries.com 

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