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Making Jesus Visible

Breakfast or Breakthrough.

 Just a few more chewables for your fasting today. First, if you haven’t already go to Cornerstone Fresno YouTube and follow Pastor’s devotionals for the 21 days. Now, my prayer…
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You Cannot Out Train Your Eating.

There’s a saying amongst physical trainers. You cannot out train your diet. Training for an hour to lose 500 calories is wasted when you spend 30 minutes consuming 2000 calories.…
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 As we approach what I believe will be the most powerful year of kingdom wide fasting yet, I’d like to offer some things to chew on before, during, and after…
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2022 was the year of the Double Back.And boy did things double. Double back had less to do with measurement and more about priority. This was a year of doubling…
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Rona Proofing Your HousPart 3 “Disinfect every room“

Part 3 “Disinfect every room“Join us for our final installment of our first series Rona Proofing Your House!!

Rona Proofing Your House Part 2 “Mask On”

The 5 masks that will spread forces far more powerful and more contagious than Covid. Find out the one thing that makes these masks so powerful and yet without renders…
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Rona Proofing Your House Part 1 “Self Quarantine”

Timely message dealing with a virus more deadly than Corona. Some viruses attack your body, these “ronas” destroy lives and souls. Please subscribe and hit the notification bell for more…
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Take This Next Exciting Step With Us?

Loto Ministries has been reaching and impacting lives all around the world for over 20 years now. It is very rare that a ministry thrives at this level for this…
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Happy birthday Loto!

On this Presidents’ Day 2020 we’d like to wish founder of Loto Ministries, Loto a very happy birthday! To celebrate this day the LM founder wants to do something that…
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Freedom Hall Isaiah 61:1

You’ve been hearing about young lives being changed in juvenile hall through our ongoing visits, camps, and even life changing events like Cruising for Jesus car shows. The movement keeps…
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