Freedom Hall Isaiah 61:1

Making Jesus Visible

Freedom Hall Isaiah 61:1

You’ve been hearing about young lives being changed in juvenile hall through our ongoing visits, camps, and even life changing events like Cruising for Jesus car shows. The movement keeps moving right into this Saturday July 13.

Would you please partner with us in prayer, in this great opportunity to reach and impact young lives behind the wall. God has blessed us with an opportunity to hold a full Sunday morning worship experience for the young people in juvenile hall. We have a great service planned but without prayer we will just be clubbing. In fact, God has blessed us with the opportunity to hold 2 services. Will you join us in prayer from wherever you are everyday this week at 2:45 PM and 3:45 PM for these 2 services?

What to pray for? Please pray for God’s presence, the power and liberty in the Holy Spirit, and that everything done will declare Jesus Christ crucified, buried, and resurrected. Pray for those ministering in worship, message, and production support. Please pray that someone’s son and someone’s daughter will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Please pray for the J.I.M., JJC admin and the hard-working officers who not only allow us to do ministry but are some of the greatest youth workers I know. Above all pray that Jesus is lifted and everyone in attendance will encounter the love and liberty of Jesus Christ. A love that will keep them even beyond the hall. This is a multi-church effort and we are praying our young guests will connect with churches in their local area. Thank you for your prayers and let’s go reach Juvenile Hall for Jesus!