Mission Australia 2019

Making Jesus Visible

Mission Australia 2019

New location same mission! Loto Ministries is excited to announce this Summer’s mission to the Commonwealth of Australia. For over a decade now Loto Ministries (LM) has had the privilege of leading a Cornerstone Missions strike force team throughout the West Coast and South Pacific. Thank you, Pastor. Praise God! Get ready Sydney, here we come. Can’t wait to reconnect with our VO family and Pastor Tony along with all the ministries we are partnering with to do God’s amazing work. We want to thank all of you who have supported and prayed for us in this life-altering endeavor throughout the years. It’s mind boggling to think of all the churches, programs, and countless lives we’ve reached. You still have time to pray about becoming a financial partner with us to complete Mission Australia, to the pleasure of God’s will and to the praise of His glory.

To spiritually partner with us please subscribe and follow us for around the clock updates on prayer requests and developments for this mission. I cannot over emphasize how much LM thrives on and through prayer. Prayer does what human strength and wisdom can’t, prayer continues when money taps out, and prayers open and close unseen doors.

                Another truth I can never over-emphasize is our appreciation for our LM Financial Partners. I will never apologize for offering an opportunity to sow into the work of the Lord. I am convinced this is good soil. We’ve seen too much fruit to think otherwise. We are better because of your support. I can’t wait till heaven to introduce you to those God has used you to impact. We thank you for your continual and generous support.

To become an LM Financial Partner please click on the donate button on this website and make your one time or ongoing gift. You can also go to my home church site cornerstonefresno.com and select Loto Ministries in the Give Now area. Thank you again for your support and generosity, let’s go reach Australia!