Game’s Up On the Thrones That Keep Holding Us Down

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Game’s Up On the Thrones That Keep Holding Us Down

Game’s Up On the Thrones That Keep Holding Us Down!

Thank you to all who prayed. GLORY TO GOD!!!!! Thank you Pastor for such a humbling honor. Boy last night was eye-opening. I doubt anyone will ever see these thrones the same way again. What throne are you sitting on?

Throne of Can’t?

To be more specific, selective ability. We have so many convenient can’ts. Oh, I can’t express my feelings, I’m not an emotional person. Until our team scores a touchdown throwing us up on our feet eliminating any disability to show emotions. It’s no Bueno that we are terrible at expressing love and worship but experts with anger and unforgiveness.

Throne of Won’t?

Where we refuse to do what we are called to do. To know to do good and not do it is sin. This is worse than can’t. We want people to push us along. Always what about me and no capacity to think of others.

Next, there’s the throne many of us ride and die on. The highchair also known as

“high horse?”

This is the throne of feed me feed me. How many of us say, “Can’t wait till church to get a word?” Waiting on Sunday to hear a powerful word from our Pastors. This is okay coming from a new babe in Christ. This is not okay coming from a “mature” Christian. Beloved, what are you doing Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. that you were too busy to feed yourself? Sunday services should get to a point where we don’t come to eat but receive our weekly instructions for God’s body as a whole and find our role in it. We should show up full from eating in our own secret place with God Psalm 91, throughout the week, and ready to assist Pastor in serving the Bread to the hungry.

Then we have the throne of our pains, pleasures, and past

This is the first and last throne we sit on of the day. Tragically, many dwell on this throne all day. Never getting off it because of the seemingly unbreakable grip of our past, paralyzing pains, or incarcerating pleasures. Knowing full well it’s full of waste and has a stench. But it’s my waste, it’s my stench. We stay on this throne so long we convinced ourselves to take comfort in the pain. We think we are managing our waste. Not recognizing this throne has become our dictator.

If we really want to live a life of victory and stop losing the game of thrones, we must get off these thrones. We were born to serve. We were born to give. Not just money but ourselves. This is the example of living Jesus left for us.

Next, we must get rid of these thrones. Take them, throw them in that last throne, and flush them with the lid closed. So, we don’t smell that stench and run back to it and its false sense of security.

Now, if you want real victory, get the key in Matthew 6:33

Once you get the revelation of the first part of this verse, the rest is just cherry on top. When you get into the secret place and find God and His righteousness, the “all these shall be added unto you” becomes secondary and almost obsolete. When you find God’s comfort and strength those mountains become ant hills. When you find His righteousness, your high horse turns back into a highchair and you realize how silly you’ve been. When you find yourself face down before the foot of the cross you cannot help but give yourself for others. When you find Jesus, you lose you and realize there’s a whole other capacity that you’ve tapped into that enables you to go over and beyond anything you could think or imagine. Get off and stay off the throne.

This leaves us with another important question. Who is sitting on your throne? There’s only One worthy of the throne. Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of Lords.