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Making Jesus Visible

You Cannot Out Train Your Eating.

There’s a saying amongst physical trainers. You cannot out train your diet. Training for an hour to lose 500 calories is wasted when you spend 30 minutes consuming 2000 calories.…
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Clovis Christian Center

Loto was blessed with the opportunity to share with Clovis Christian Center and celebrate a baptism later that day! God has really been moving this year despite Covid-19.

Old Town Cruise Night car show

Loto was the keynote speaker at the Old town cruise night car show in old town clovis every 2nd saturday each month from March to October 5-8 pm.

See why

Loto got to share again with the youth of Fresno as Cornerstone Youth hit their two year anniversary. Loto shared with “CY” what it means to be “Rooted” to the…
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What are you watching?

From Samoa to America back to all around the world God has brought Loto. Now the Lord has brought him to something new, Ventana TV. Loto has been featured on…
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OH NO Radio

Loto is starting to explode on all media platforms and the most recent he has just been apart of is 1550AM KXEX! Loto was featured on the radio show with…
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Doors opened that cannot be shut

Loto and the team has been blessed with the amazing opportunity of being the only ministry to continue to reach the youth of Fresno County Juvenile Justice Campus during COVID-19.…
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Rona Proofing your house part 3 “Disinfect Every Room”

Rona proofing Your House Part 3 “Disinfect Every Room”


It was the blast that should’ve ended everything, but it became the flame that has been lighting the world on fire for 25 years now. And as far as I…
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