Mission Australia 2019

New location same mission! Loto Ministries is excited to announce this Summer’s mission to the Commonwealth of Australia. For over a decade now Loto Ministries (LM) has had the privilege…
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Loto Keynotes Body Community Church Pastors Appreciation

Honored and excited to announce Loto will be the keynote speaker for the Body Community Church Pastor Appreciation service. Come celebrate more than just great leadership. Congratulations Pastor and First…
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Liberty Coalition

Doors Open 11:30am

Back in Sanger with the Apache Family

Back in Sanger with the Apache family! Don’t start no stuff there won’t be no stuff. We starting some stuff in 2023! Praise Jesus! Time In Destiny Christian Center

Breakfast or Breakthrough.

 Just a few more chewables for your fasting today. First, if you haven’t already go to Cornerstone Fresno YouTube and follow Pastor’s devotionals for the 21 days. Now, my prayer…
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You Cannot Out Train Your Eating.

There’s a saying amongst physical trainers. You cannot out train your diet. Training for an hour to lose 500 calories is wasted when you spend 30 minutes consuming 2000 calories.…
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 As we approach what I believe will be the most powerful year of kingdom wide fasting yet, I’d like to offer some things to chew on before, during, and after…
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2022 was the year of the Double Back.And boy did things double. Double back had less to do with measurement and more about priority. This was a year of doubling…
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Kingdom Talk Radio

Join Loto on Wednesday 6/9/2021 at 9 AM Pacific standard time as he will be sharing on 1550 AM KXEX with Host Dennis McCourt and his cohost Dr.Michael Bogart. Tune…
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Clovis Community Day Secondary School

THANK YOU JESUS! Loto will be sharing at his first school since COVID-19 shut everything down. Loto will be sharing at Clovis Community Secondary School! The school is found at…
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