Take This Next Exciting Step With Us?

Making Jesus Visible

Take This Next Exciting Step With Us?

Loto Ministries has been reaching and impacting lives all around the world for over 20 years now. It is very rare that a ministry thrives at this level for this long without its own nonprofit license. After much prayer and godly counsel we believe it’s time to write the next chapter in the LM story. On his birthday in 2020 Loto initiated LMNP. The fundraiser that will help secure our own nonprofit license. Whether it’s in schools, a correctional facility, or ministering overseas, Loto Ministries will continue to fulfill its threefold God given mission. Bringing the Way to the lost, the Truth to a deceive generation, and the Life to this dying world. 2 Timothy 4:1-5

Why I’m raising money?
Your support will make an immediate impact. Having a nonprofit license will help us further our reach and expand our capacity to minister. An Nonprofit will give us access to an enormous reservoir of resources that we do not have access to at this point. Some of our next steps that we are excited about is implementing the 252 Community and developing an integral part of our ongoing Education Initiative, The Raising California Project.

Can we do this without a nonprofit license?
Of course we can. With God all things are possible. Again, we have been making an impact for over 20 years. Imagine what more with this amazing resource and you standing with us we can accomplish.

So why the Non-Profit?
The Non-Profit will give us a vehicle that will help us reach further faster. A quick glance around shows us that the problem our world faces is growing rapidly. Why prolong the suffering that surrounds us when the opportunity to help now is in reach? Glory to God! We pray you will join us in this mission and thank you again for being with us thus far. Love and Lord bless.

How can you help?
Your support of any size is greatly appreciated. We can’t thank you enough for your love and generosity. Excited to take this next step with you. Now, let’s go Jesus on this world together!