Thank You Australia

Making Jesus Visible

Thank You Australia

MISSION Australia 2019 was only the beginning. The first 3 days made it clear this one was all about relationship and connection. God showed us the power of prayer and presence in Sydney. It was awesome to reconnect with Pastor Tony, Victory Outreach, and meet all the new ministers and ministries God connected us with.

The Power of Prayer

If you can evangelize in Sydney you can evangelize anywhere in this world. Our first day of street evangelism was the most difficult and the most important. We were fired up and ready to take Australia for Jesus. Our fire was tested as almost everyone we approached passed us right up without so much as a courtesy glance. This by no means was a bad on the Australian residence. I learned quickly Sydney folks are driven and don’t have time to slow down for strangers. I remembered something Pastor shared during a prayer meeting just before we left for the land down under. He told us about working in his garden the day before. He came to an area that he hadn’t watered for a long time. This caused the soil to be very hard and difficult to work with. He explained how he ran the water hose there throughout the day to soften the soil. By the end of the day he was able to work with the soil. I gathered the team up and shared this story with them and instructed everyone to just walk the area and pray over it. We spent our time just watering the soil. It worked. Glory to God! Everyday from that day evangelism thrived, doors began to open in other areas of Sydney, and we saw what God wanted to do. People were being touched for the first time by the Spirit and others were returning to God. As God reminds us every Sunday 8 AM, things happen when you pray and things happen when you don’t pray.

The Power of Presence

God again reminded us of the value of the ministry of presence. Many of these folks weren’t going to talk to a stranger but they would  a familiar face. A while back Starbucks moved into Australia and attempted the old Starbucks routine. World domination by Starbucks on every corner. Australians are all about relationship. Without that business is very difficult in Australia. Starbucks suffered and had to pull back closing over 60 stores. It’s not that Australians don’t like coffee. They actually love their cafes. Which are literally on almost every corner. Starbucks just didn’t allow space for developing relationship.

The Power of Relationship

Ministry success thrives on relationship. The ministry of presence was on full display. Whether we were out on the streets consistently or just at home fellowshipping and enjoying each other’s presence. Church, you are called to your city. They are more interested in your presence rather than your presents. Thank You Jesus!